Posted by: glue | July 16, 2008


The disaster-in-me shows me my existential project, but circumspectly, in the style of an oracle. This experiment to discover my capacity to be affected is composed in the middle voice: the test happens in practice (not in principle or “conceptually”). Writing with AS, not IS, in the first person. G.L.U.(e) as acquifer. We are making (a) felt, not a text.

Existential Project

Existential Project

This probe tests the materiality of the figure: karst topography. What is its character? “How groundwater moves throughout the bedrock depends on the porosity and permeability of the limestone. Limestone contains voids, or pores, and the volume of the pores is referred to as porosity. Porosity can be categorized as intergranular, between rock grains, or macrogranular, cavities and cracks that result from erosion. The ease with which water moves through the limestone is called “permeability”. For a rock to be permeable, its pores must be interconnected. Larger pores result in easier flow, or greater permeability.”

The Way

The Way

Here is a figure of movement, intimating a path in time, if it does (for me). Do I recognize it as a corelative of my plan (to overcome the aporia, the impasse).?

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