Posted by: glue | July 21, 2008

Designing Secrets

The Expression experiment is to model the Superfund scene (in me), using the resources of my Popcycle discourses (Career, Family, Entertainment, Community History). The disaster scene includes an event of pollution and an engineering attempt to contain and enclose, seal off, or encrypt we could say, the spreading contamination of the acquifer. I model this operation with the psychoanalytic case study of the Wolf Man and his magic word. The lesson for electracy is to learn both sides of the operation: a rhetoric of encryption; the formation of magic words with the power to pass through every barrier to achieve expression.

The Wolf Dream

The Wolf Dream

“The cryptic fortress protects this analysis resister by provoking the symbolic break. It fractures the symbol into angular pieces, arranges internal (intrasymbolic) partitions, cavities, corridors, niches, zigzag labyrinths, and craggy fortifications. Always ‘anfractuosities,’ since they are the effects of breakages: Such are the ‘partitions of the crypt.’ Thenceforth the wall to pass through will be not only that of the Unconscious but the angular partition within the Self.” Jacques Derrida, “Fors: The Anglish Words of Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok.”

The Wolf Man maintained his access to traumatic satisfaction (jouissance) by means of a fantasy scene of the maid Grusha scrubbing the floor (a rebus).



The passage of pollution through the acquifer is modelled by the phonetic contamination that organizes the conductive logic of the Unconscious. Between the event (the disaster, the trauma) and its containment (engineering, repression) there is a mediation in language, an anasemic formation of condensation and displacement, creating a magic word (tieret) with the capacity to express affective reality “at a distance.”

Instruction: Learn to author a magic word. Why? Images are structured as secrets. Do you know where your image is right now?


  1. Image Identity

    The Internet creates within the public sphere of literate identity (individual ethics and democratic politics) a crypt. An immediate implication for electracy is the realization that within every mythology of the nation (narrative scenes displaying hegemonic values, stated as concepts or arguments) there is embedded a figure (anasemic crypt) that carries the affective expression of investment away from the traditional or conventional scene to displace it elsewhere.

    The rhetoric of (psychoanalytic) magic words is the means for a transvaluation of all values. In grammatological terms, the relevance of the Unconscious to electracy is to understand the line of communication that connects my image to my (ideological) identity constructed in the lifeworld of contemporary (America).

    Again: beneath (within) interpellation, conation.

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