Posted by: glue | July 27, 2008

Emblem Secrets

Mapping Capacities



“But still the theater of matter, to the extent a material can be grasped, hardened in its distortion or its hysteresis, is apt to express within itself the folds of another material, as in Renonciat’s wooden sculpture, where Lebanese cedar turns into a plastic dropcloth, or the Parana pine becomes ‘cotton and feathers.’ Finally, the way that all these textures of matter tend toward a higher point, a spiritual point that envelops form, that holds it enveloped, and that contains alone the secret of material folds below. Where would these come from? They are not explained by composite parts, since the ‘swarming,’ the perpetual displacement of contour, originates in the projection of something spiritual into matter” (Gilles Deleuze, The Fold ).




  1. Emblem Design

    The emblem performs the role of head or topic for image categories. The structure is familiar, from its inception in Renaissance emblem books through to contemporary advertising. There are three parts.
    1) Motto
    2) Picture
    3) Epigraph
    The enigma produced by the relationship of the motto and picture is resolved (or extended) by the epigraph.

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