Posted by: glue | August 8, 2008

Hole Measures (Conduction)

The ratios of proportional analogy (including the ratios of Greek geometry, the Golden Section…) have been superceded in contemporary mathematics and arts, A new measure (w/holistic) became possible with fractal geometries (in the context of computing). A task of electracy is to re/educate cultural intuition to spontaneous use of fractal inference. The reasoning of Schlichtmann (Travolta) in A Civil Action, exemplifies the traditional ratio: cleaning up the spilled water glass = cleaning up the chemical spill (water : cafe :: chemicals : tannery property ). The symmetrical continuities of such hypotyposes (vivid imaging) are inadequate to the infosphere of the digital apparatus. The new inference ratio, however, is nonlinear. Electrate inference must be able to track relationships among properties subjected to the folding interations of turbulence, as suggested by the analogy of semantic fields subjected to a taffy maker.

Nonlinear Inference

Nonlinear Inference

“Scientists are discovering many different kinds of strange or chaotic attractors. The Rossler attractor is named after the theoretical chemist Otto Rossler who got the idea for it by watching a mechanical taffy puller repeatedly stretching taffy out and folding it back on itself. Rossler imagined what would happen to two raisins in the taffy and wrote down the equation that would describe their divergence. Nearby points in a system are stretched around this shape again and again, creating folds within folds. quickly the points separate, and the numerous folds make it impossible to say just where the points are on the attractor. The attractor is the shape created in phase space by the ‘missing information,’ the shape of uncertainty.
Are attractors shapes through which the infinitely complex order of the whole reveals itself?” John Briggs, F. David Peat, Turbulent Mirror.

The “two raisins” in Rossler’s example may be generalized to any paired relation, A and B. A folded (conductive) analogy might be indicated by A : B :: * : -2


  1. Bachelor Machines

    The relevance of chaos theory to electracy is a symptom of apparatus convergence. The mathematics of chaos, in any case, was made possible by computing, and what it describes, after all, are the irregularities of the natural (clouds) and social (skylines) worlds, which is to say that our inference intuitions should be amenable to reform (through an electrate education).

    Meanwhile, the arts anticipated the new inference procedure, exemplified by the bachelor machine. The prototype of this sort of relation was identified by the Surrealists in Lautreamont’s proposal for a meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine on an operating table.

  2. I am also a great fan of Dr. Otto Rossler, his interpretation of Dr. Einstein’s relativity theory is brilliant!

    Dr. Rossler is scheduled to meet with Swiss president Pascal Couchepin this month (August 2008) to discuss concerns that the Large Hadron Collider has not been properly vetted for safety with respect to micro black holes.

    A copy of Dr. Rossler’s plea to the world is located at

    Cheers 😉

  3. […] self-organizes – it is self-referential.  It screams feedback loops.  It’s a solipsistic bachelor machine.  And yet, on the other hand [the prosthetic hand] it seems that there is something outside the […]

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