Posted by: glue | October 20, 2008


The genealogy of descent in Western tradition reconfigures avatar as genius (Latin for daimon).  Or rather, let us say Junius (Juno is the name for a woman’s daimon).  Avatar as experience is an encounter with Junius.


Genius and Juno

This configuration registers a convergence of two major threads:  Avatar and Disaster (Expression).  The convergence appears when daimon is updated from its Classical and Medieval personifications as guardian angel and messenger of the gods, to its translation in Romanticism (Goethe) into the abstract principle of limit (Grenze).  The Expression project is to experiment with my own capacity  to be affected.  The connection between Expression and Avatar is seen in the Disaster, which gives me the experience of my external limit, as distinct from an attractor, that gives my internal limit.



Through my avatar I may experiment with my limit (auto-ethology, my virtual latitude and longitude).


  1. The Historical Junius

    Junius is intended in our context as a hybrid fusing Genius and Juno (male and female daimons). Is it significant that, historically, it is the middle name of Brutus (Lucius Junius Brutus), assassin of Julius Caeser and hence Republican hero. Rosa Luxemburg signed one of her radical pamphlets “Junius.”

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