Posted by: glue | December 30, 2008

Gate(s) Way

The real neither reveals nor conceals, but intimates (to paraphrase Heraclitus, who referred rather to the oracle).  Here is one such intimation.



Heidegger cited this Satz now and then, when advising circumspection over inspection.  This final post of the year 2008 indicates a thread waiting to be spun:  the gateway.  Christo and Jeanne-Claude have their own purposes, but also are making art whose future is open and indicating a direction for further thought.

What instructions may be received here?


  1. The veiled gate, the hidden entrance, fuels the imagination as it attempts to solve this probelm: Where does the gateway lead? This is a question that I have been refining throughout a lifetime – the Still Gates being a theme I have worked with for many years. The entrance to Dante’s quest, and the gateways to resolving his unanswerable questions: who am I, where do I come from, where am I going? Thank you for keeping these questions before us – I look forward to hearing more. JanW.

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