Posted by: glue | January 2, 2009

Becoming Letter

To  begin this year with another intimation from real, a field of ready-mades waiting to happen (oracle as reading strategy). Here is a guiding mark, a relay, providing an icon as header for a series of probes into imaging beyond writing.



Lacan offers a frame:  each one (of us) a letter.  The body interfaces with language, between letter and signifier.  Spinoza contributes with his measure of joy/sadness as the experience of word formation vs word salads.  If I am a letter, what is it? (Answer:  learn your sinthome). In what configuration, with what grouping of others, might a “word” appear, a sentence?  The intimation proposes further relays, since why constrain the insight with a linguistic analogy?  The body as support for meaning…



The theoretical terms of this prompt remain to be developed.  If avatar is letter, who or what is writing?

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