Posted by: glue | March 22, 2009


Here is the other half of the symbolon, if that is not according it too much importance.  A scene of decision, to be registered, documented (in fragments), to enter it into this account so a figure may appear.



In 1965, after my junior year in college, I went to Spain, the official (practical) reason being to study language, literature, history.  What was the other motive?

Writing Itself

Writing Itself

English major, twenty years old.



Proof in the humanities.  “Spain” for me in 1965 was a collection of iconic images entitled elsewhere.


  1. Sorry to post such a mundane comment, but—Would you please post the artists who did the “allegory” and “writing itself” paintings? I’ve searched Google images to no avail…

    Thank you.

  2. The artist Replies

    Both images are photoshop treatments of photographs. I applied the liquify art filter to a photo of a bullfighter. I googled “bullfighter” and took “Christina Sanchez”. For “Writing Itself” I applied the glass filter (not sure about these names for the art filters) to a famous photograph of Ernest Hemingway (just google Hemingway to find it). I would like to claim that I am the artist to whom you refer, except that the more important point is that we all may express and communicate with images via image search and photoshop.

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