Posted by: glue | September 1, 2009

Jazz Scenario

Avatar Emergency:  Conclusion

Here starts a chapter by chapter outline of Avatar Emergency, the book in progress, beginning with the conclusion (attempting to game the blog format).

The conclusion does not so much summarize the arguments of the book as demonstrate how to apply it as heuretics.  The central argument is that avatar and its practice of flash reason in the KaChing decision prosthetic, is the means to sustain democratic participation in public policy formation, against the threat of a General Accident, in the dromosphere that eradicates the conditions necessary for literate critical thinking.  Avatar is electrate politics and ethics.  Since avatar is part of a new apparatus, its creation takes place at the level of metaphysics itself, giving this practice access to the dimension of culture that actually motivates individual and collective striving to persevere (the life force).  Avatar brings into players’ experience the source of motivation (disposition and its formation through habitus, to use Bourdieu’s favorite term for conatus).

In practice this means that avatar (collective) as the site of identity formation in electracy, is authorized as mythographer.  This chapter models mythography by applying to the creation of Jazz in America the poetics of myth extracted from the Frontier (using Slotkin’s three-volume history as the archive).  Jazz historically is not completely separate from Frontier, but is a version of the Frontier told from the point of view of the Crowd.  Its dominant mood is not anxiety but joy.  The poetics of Jazz shows in principle its features as worldview, and hence as strategy for everything from daily life to foreign policy.  It is not about playing music anymore than the Frontier is about herding cows.  It is rather a state of mind, an attitude, a framing of experience guiding a certain approach to well-being more adequate to the conditions of globalization in an Internet public sphere.

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