Posted by: glue | October 16, 2009

Miami Virtue (continued)

Interscene 2.  Miami Virtue: Entertainment Discourse

Myami Virtue

Myami Virtue

The mystory consultation on the Miami River continues, documenting the expression of Miami in Entertainment discourse.  Dubbed “Myami,” to distinguish the brand (image, reputation) from the historical city, the documentation samples the media environment circulating within the scene to be organized by the consultation into an interface metaphor for an electrate deliberative cloud of services.  Myami is tracked through a Colors of Benetton advertising campaign, and the television series Miami Vice, which, as an example of the neo-noir genre, embodies the Frontier myth (Crockett and Tubbs).  Picking up the implication of the theoretical chapter, the Interscene follows the invention of the noir mode and its forensic aesthetics into its history as a Franco-American syncretic invention.  The French Situationists, representatives of the acephallic artist heroes, embraced the noir motif as a strategy for an experimental urbanism against the rationalist urban planning of Corbusier.  The Situationist strategies for creating situations in the city are adopted as guide to way-finding in the information space of the dromosphere.  The FRE consultation learns from the SI how to translate a city zone into an image, making it available as an interface metaphor for an Internet oracle.  Avatar functions as a means for citizens to play the role of distributed sage, to participate in authoring a wisdom for electracy, against the commodification of well-being.  Respecting the syncretic nature of this proposed practice, the Internet oracle is called “KaChing.”

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