Posted by: glue | January 7, 2010

Avatar, The Movie

Flash Reason?

Inquiring minds might wonder about the relationship between avatar theorized here and Cameron’s dramatization in the blockbuster film. It is fortunate for my account (given the influence this film will have in shaping the discussion) that there is an important aspect of electrate avatar captured by Cameron’s treatment.  Avatar as an experience is an event of counsel.  It is an encounter with one’s better self, as undergone in the several wisdom traditions noted here as analogies for the flash reason made possible through avatar practice.  Through avatar, players come to understand the General Economy of the universe, so to speak, represented as “nature” or the Gaia spirit of Pandora.  The “jar-head” Sully, incarnated in his Na’vi simulation, transcends his Marine training as well as his other limitations both physical and mental, to oppose the military-industrial complex corporation.  It is perhaps understandable, if not inevitable, that the screenplay uses the shorthand of the Frontier myth, in high-concept reconfiguration (genre hybrid), to express its values.  Avatar Emergency (outlined here in the category book) proposes a myth based on Jazz as a relay for deliberative flash reason.  Perhaps I need to write a screenplay and send it to Cameron?

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