Posted by: glue | January 18, 2010

Cause, Utility

There are 120 million utility poles in service in the United States.  The City of Gaineville directed its Regional Utility Company to stop buying utility  poles from the Koppers company.


Koppers (presumably having modernized its production methods) continued up to the present to use the Superfund site for wood treatment, the activity that caused the original pollution of the area (located two miles southwest of the public water system’s  Murphee Wellfield).

The pole figures causality.  That for the sake of which… The pole is merely a means to an end, a tool.  We did not want the pole as such, for itself alone.  Aristotle’s four causes: What is it made from?  What is its form?  What produced it?  For  what purpose?  We may ask:  what is the cause of the pollution of Gainesville’s wellfield?  How well are we (what is our wellness)?  We have poles in order to

Heidegger has a version of cause.  WorumwillenDasein is this for-the-sake-of-which, referring to my concerns, creative of world.  It is hard to keep track of everything.  Lacan’s @ (the object a), not what is desired but the object cause of desire (standing in).  The wires figure lines, vectors, making appear the forcefield framing our situation.  Americans:  we who are poisoned by utility poles.  Is utility itself the cause?  Utility names one of the historical universals, each one functioning as Measure for its epoch:  Greek Polis; Christian God; Enlightenment Reason; Industrial Utility; Modern Commodity.  And today?  Have we come full circle, at least lingistically?  No “Polis,” but only “pole is.”  Becoming pole. The universal remains as a possibility, Laclau explained, but blank, unoccupied.  Avatar is the new nominee.

How to de-$ign a MEmorial for the Cabot-Koppers disaster (a class-action MEmorial, covering environmental pollution in general)?  Perhaps we should follow those lines suported by the pole, to see where they lead, and to confront those we find at the other end?

The world as we find it

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