Posted by: glue | April 25, 2010

The Unsayable

Is the secret part of what Blanchot identifies as the “remainder” in writing the disaster, “that which is left to be written and which, like the disaster, has always preceded, and ruined, all beginnings including the beginning of writing and of language?” (131) If we are aware that there is always a remainder, can we convey this awareness in any way, e.g. though the gaps in between our blogging fragments, since the remainder itself escapes perception and memory ? (M.H.)

The guiding instruction from Blanchot is the formula:  That which is unsayable is what must be said.  The assaying of the “outside” and “neutral” refers to the movement of thought beyond the borders of knowledge and belief.  How does this effect happen?  It is part of the rhetoric of the secret.  We are exploring the manner in which blogging supports thought.  How does one blog the unsayable?  Not by “speaking” it or forming propositions declaring “X” as the unsayable itself.  That which is outside “saying” (knowing, believing) is like the “cure” for cancer.  We are making language/design/blog/Interneting move thought into a certain modality (of indeterminacy).

Cinematography: Art of the Unsayable (Bresson)

There should be little mystery about the conventional narrative (of the disaster), nor is it “subjective” only. We may agree objectively, or there is a consensus among members of the community (disciplinary, or public),  about the dominant discourse, the preferred reading of events (ideology), the accepted narrative mode (realism), and the like.  In fact what makes counter-readings possible is just the surface obviousness of the conventional position.  Where middle voice engages with the dialogical struggle for meaning is to notice that this struggle happens in us.  We may not pretend that we have not internalized the hegemonic order, and that we are deeply invested in it, whatever our opinions may be.  We are speaking of identity construction, interpellation, identification, likes and dislikes.  Who is prepared to step outside the career track of bourgeois success?  Not me!  The project of the”outside” and “limit experience” proposes to notice these thresholds, these “Pillars of Hercules” beyond which we dare not pass (Outside).

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