Posted by: glue | July 1, 2011

Playing the Gap

Chora (Measure)

The Real is immanent.  It neither conceals or reveals but intimates.  It (Es) is t/here in everything we do.  We celebrate fundamental ontology every day. We live it without (necessity of) knowing.  It is given There is (es gibt, il y a) a hole, primordial gap.  Is the gap chaos brought into order, or a clearing opened in plenitude?  Both and neither, or rather a dynamic breathing, rhythm (ruthmos).  Chora names this dynamic disclosive withdrawal, whose organizing virtue is experienced in one of its purest forms in any sport involving the configuration of hole, ball, pole, strike (stroke, throw, gesture).  The strike zone in baseball is prototypical, manifesting the templum marked in air, in imagination, around it appearing the region of the game entire, field drawn out as choros (the dance floor at Knossos designed by Daedalus), the rules and the umpire adjudicating the event, the players, fans, the institution, the way of life ramifying out into culture and society.

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