Posted by: glue | May 7, 2012


Marilyn Monroe at the Actors Studio

Context for those working with mystory, choragraphy, and related electrate practices.  Antonio Damasio, in Self Come to Mind:  Constructing the Conscious Brain, uses as “the best example” of how mirror neurons function, the way an actor inhabits a role (imitation of gesture, posture, stance, tone, movement produce specific emotions and feelings).  The capacity of the brain to map one’s own body also extends to an experience of other bodies.

This bit of neuroscience confirms the utility of the CATTt used in Heuretics (1994) to generate a poetics of choragraphy.  The Analogy in that experiment was Method Acting in general, and the work of Gary Cooper in particular (the selection of example motivated by Ulmer’s mystory).   This Method is developed in Internet Invention (2003) with reference to impersonation (Elvis impersonators, for example), for guidance in a semiotics of imitation capable of writing Felt.

This connection may be useful in providing rationale in classroom, administrative, or grant contexts.

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