The EmerAgency is a virtual consultancy, testing a practice of deliberative reason for the Internet. This practice allows netizens (capable of egency within electrate subject formation) to participate in decision-making on public policy issues. Deliberative (practical) reason decides at light speed within the apparatus of electracy, supported by the invention of an image metaphysics that is to digital media what the categories introduced by Aristotle are to literacy.

Policy debates until now have been structured by an impasse — the confrontation between the modalities of thought (metaphysics) created within each of the previous apparati: Religion, faith, obedience (Orality) / Science, knowledge, proof (literacy). The key to understading the aporetic character of policy problems in modernity is to note the incommensurability of these modalities, and their respective institutionalizations. Another version of the impasse, more revealing of its irreducibility, is the pair Pain/Fact.

Electracy proposes the possibility of a third institutional practice, based in an image metaphysics native to digital media, capable of mediating, negotiating, bridging the aporia organizing the relationship between orality and literacy. The dimension of thought institutionalized and therefore brought to the table of policy debate supported within electracy is expression.

One purpose of this blog is to design and test a practice of expression that is to the Internet what belief is to Religion and knowledge is to Science.  The expression equivalent is affect and its political stance concerns well-being (wellness).  The premise to be tested is that electracy augments the dimension of human motivation.

Imaging Florida


  1. “Wellness” already exists as a concept, attitude, movement. The practice of expression possible within the apparatus of electracy opens a new dimension of this orientation. Expression as a practice of authoring thought in digital media produces an affective response in the body that is enhanced through the apparatus, and realized in a collective register of an institution. For wellness to have the same clout as ideology and evidence within deliberative reason (debates about public policy decisions), will require the explicit recognition of expression as an Internet vernacular, being to online usage what argumentation is to school or narrative to church (or any institutionalized ideology).

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