Wide Logo

Composing a mystory leads to the invention / discovery of one’s image of wide scope. To what does this image refer (what does it express)? My virtue, understood in the larger sense of power, life drive, my setting-to-work. Conatus (Spinoza).

a version of my wide image

For example, Noon Star.

This site takes up where the mystory leaves off. What do you do once you understand your wide image?  The thesis is:  in electracy individuals take over for themselves the discourse of logos, brands, icons, emblems.  Here is the creative progression:  mystory; choragraphy; image of wide scope; avatar.  The puncept is almost too obvious:  From Greek Logos to corporate logos.



Recommendation:  use the mystory method to compose your image of wide scope.  Use the wide image (emblem) as the point of departure for developing your brand identity (electrate subject formation), beginning with a logo (motto + picture = enigma).  Here is an avatar face, fit for service in the emerAgency counter-commodity initiative.  For example, see my gallery of merchandise (or start your own).

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