This blog has a certain integrative tendency that may be difficult to discern.  This page offers a description of the emerging insight-in-progress.



Electracy:  Apparatus theory reminds us that electracy is not just technology but institutional practices and identity formation.  Heuretics takes up the latter two dimension:  invention of an image metaphysics (a post-medium logic) and an identity principle guiding individual and collective behavior..

Avatar: The site of emerging image-behavior is avatar–the migration underway to social networking causing intuitive creations of online personas.  The terms of this new identity condition have been set by corporate branding.  Literate metaphysics related to experience through “things,” essences, including individual identity.  Electrate metaphysics relates to experience through commodities.  People are internalizing the commodity form, resulting in emergent virtual conduct.

Experience: Avatar as citizen requires prudence in order to participate in deliberative reason at light speed, consulting on pulbic policy.  Prudence is the virtue of time, the capacity to formulate maxims from past experience, enabling judgment (decision) within a particular situation of an appropriate course of action for a desirable future outcome.  What is the experience that becomes maxim?  Avatar functions as exemplum.

Expression:  Heuretics uses grammatology to begin the design project for becoming image.  Western identity (being, cosmology) up until modernity was based on avatar.  Identity formed in three stages:  Descent into a body; Striving through existence; Return to spirit.  Catabasis; Conatus; Anabasis.  In modernity (the era in which electracy begins), all that remains is the immanence of Conatus.  There is much to be learned for designing one’s image from the practices of Catabasis, and especially from Anabasis, whose procedure was Love, providing analogies for how to design a discipline of Striving as the basis for virtual life.

Wide Logo:  My previous work on mystory, choragraphy, leading to the design of the Image of Wide Scope, constitutes a method for individual branding.  No longer relying on commodity templates for identifications, electrate persons and groups challenge the hegemony of market economics for the right to define what counts as well-being, the measure of satisfaction relative to the good life.

EmerAgency: A primary goal of creating a Conative image as my online face is in order to participate in an Internet public sphere.  Electrate deliberation requires flash reason, mutual persuasion at the speed of light.  Flash Reason supported by electrate database design makes possible collective epiphany.

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